Our mental health is an important topic of discussion, considering that it has always been neglected by most individuals in the world. There are many ways in which you can improve the condition of your mental health, and one of the effective ways is through social media.

Really? Yes. Social media is the hub of amazing content, beautiful music, and other elements that can soothe your mind for good. All the video content and other posts can make you realize that you can be happy also.

Social media indeed has the ability to bring the necessary changes in a person’s life, only if it is used properly. So, in this blog, let’s see how videos can help you have good mental health.

Impact of the Videos on Mental Health

Very often, we tend to overlook the condition of our mental health, which is as important as our physical health. Deteriorating mental health can lead to severe problems in the future. It also results in the development of serious medical issues that affect the physical body. The fast-paced life we are living in and the kind of work you do all of that contributes to stress and anxiety in many individuals.

In the United States of America, at least 18.5% of the total population is affected by serious anxiety. Among all of them, only 36.3% of all the people receive the right treatment facilities.

For years mental health has been ignored and neglected. But, as times are changing, people are looking for ways in which they can really improve it. When we are talking about the ways of improving one’s mental health, we cannot forget the contribution of social media. Yes!

For obvious reasons, we have seen social media platforms getting the bad name, but you cannot deny the good side of things as well.

For instance, if you watch a funny video and you have a good laugh after a long time, it is a natural medicine for your mind and body. Laughter, happiness, and joy when watching a social media post or happiness can help your body release all the positive hormones. That is why you can feel much better than before.

Videos can make you laugh, and it, in turn, benefits the body by adding joy and zest to life, eases anxiety and tension, relieves stress, helps to improve mood, and strengthens resilience.

If a person is depressed, their neurotransmitters present in the brain, like norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin, get majorly reduced. But, when they are watching a funny video and start laughing, all these start to affect the person’s mood positively. At that time, he/she experiences a boost of all the positive hormones in the body, and they feel good.

What Are The Major Video Styles To Use?

Here are the major styles to create videos to promote in order to improve someone’s mental health –

Animation –

Animated videos are really soothing to the eye and help your mind to experience a great feeling. With plush colors, unique artistic features, and superb storytelling, animated videos can seriously help you get rid of stress and anxiety for the good.

Take, for example, movies like the Ice Age and Frozen are such a treat to the eyes and to the human mind as well. Even adults can make the most out of watching animated movies or cartoons and cheer themselves up quickly.

Vines –

Vines have become really popular for the last 2 – 3 years. These videos are directed in order to roast someone comically. These videos are hilarious and have a great sense of humor present in them. The funny script will surely make you laugh a lot. They are the best tool to use and make oneself laugh every day. There are many apps that are only made to allow people to create short funny vines.

Informative content –

There are many people who feel relaxed and very comfortable when they are watching a video that provides them with general knowledge and information. Watching informative videos helps the brain to feed on positive content. These can be related to anything that the person likes. It can be football, travel, food, and so many other genres. There is no limit to what informative content can be.

Travel vlogs –

Traveling is one of the most effective medicines that can treat your mental health. So, if you cannot possibly travel at this moment, you can definitely see the travel vlogs on YouTube. There are so many channels where people upload their travel videos. These are wonderfully curated and produced in order to offer you a fantastic experience. Watching new places, getting to know new stuff, and other aspects of the videos help the mind to release positive hormones.

Live stream –

Live streaming has taken the front seat in YouTube for the last couple of years. Big YouTube icons live stream what they are doing with their fans. Usually, they play games, watch videos or discuss various things that people want to do. It gives the positive feeling of an entire community trying to come together and start a conversation. This is a great way to fight your mental stress.

Interact on the chat, ask questions and watch your favorite YouTuber live. Many social media stars also use Instagram or Facebook to go live. Live sessions help them to connect with the followers and build a positive relation.

So, these are the different video styles that can actually promote better mental health. All these videos are made with the help of video editing tools and take a lot of time to produce.

Final Words

You should never neglect your mental health at any given time. Always remember that it is as important as physical health. If you are feeling very stressed and anxious, then you must watch a good video on the web and cheer yourself up. We just discussed the different video styles which are available on the web. Choose any one of them and start watching now! Let us know how you felt after watching your favorite videos.

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